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Birth Support

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Each birth is a unique experience that extends before and beyond labor. With the Birth Support Package, you will have the support you need to hold you throughout this journey.

Prenatal Visits

Our relationship will begin with two prenatal visits which can happen at-home or can be combined a doctor's appointment. During these visits we will go over comfort techniques, review your personal birth preferences, & address your concerns. We will also talk about what to pack and the baby's needs postpartum. We'll also chat about prenatal yoga, nutrition, the benefits of a birthing ball, hypnotherapy, and even Lamaze/childbirth classes. This is the to time envision your postpartum preferences, recovery & transition, and infant care/feeding.


On-call, Labor & Immediate Postpartum Support

With this package, you will have unlimited access to me via phone, text, and/or email, and as your doula, we will be on-call 24/7 from 37 weeks gestation.


Whether at home, in a birthing center, or at a hospital, we support all births and will provide continuous labor and postpartum support no matter what your birth looks like. This includes, doulaing dads, partners, and family members and, if you choose, taking birth photos with your camera/phone to document these sacred moments.


After your special moment, we will be there to encourage skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth; stay with you for one to two hours to provide breastfeeding support (Home Birth); clean & tidy after your special moment (Home Birth); offer continued support in the event that your family should transfer to a hospital during labor (Home Birth); remain with you until your family is settled in a post-partum room (Birth Center)


Further Postpartum Support & Visits

Postpartum support with us will continue with two follow-up postpartum visits and periodic check-ins with you. As your doula, we will continue to provide emotional and physical support and resources, including access to our lending library of books and DVDS for your knowledge and comfort.

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