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Thoughtful Words from Previous Illuminating Doula Clients

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It was November 20th, 2013 when I was becoming a mom for the first time. Could it be false labor? It was 1:00am and my husband had to work the next day. As the contractions progressed I realized this is really happening and my immediate reaction was to call Tiombe. "We're having a baby!" Tiombe answered my call and arrived within minutes. Tiombe was an angel, mother, friend and professional all combined to one. 

Throughout my pregnancy Tiombe took the time to get to know my family and I. She knew my goals of wanting a completely natural birth and I was able to accomplish, thanks to her love and support. 

She comforted, massaged, and provided relief when I needed it most. She spoke to my doctor, suggested when it was time to head to the hospital. She was in the delivery room, lovingly holding my hand and encouraging me throughout the entire process. Tiombe's role in my delivery was immeasurable. I felt so blessed to have her. 

I highly recommend Tiombe. She is a beautiful person whom I truly respect and admire.

Jannerys Lara



I will never be able to thank Tiombe enough for being such an integral part of our birth process. She was kind and generous from the day we met her and throughout the two and half day labor journey.


There was a moment where we were at a very intense moment, when we thought our wishes for a natural birth would not happen and Tiombe handled the situation with extreme sensitivity, warmth and clarity. She was able to bring levelheadedness and calm to a very scary moment.


In the end we were able to have the perfect natural birth that we intended and I am so incredibly grateful to have had Tiombe in my corner the whole time.

Sarita Covington

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I've been blessed to have Tiombe as my pre AND postnatal doula. She is an extremely knowledgeable, patient and generous person.


My entire c-section experience would have been a lot more scary and nerve racking had she not been there to guide me and provide comforting all-round support, while I delivered my TRIPLETS. 

My entire family is at ease with her and I would recommend and encourage moms-to-be and their families to take full advantage of her expertise!


Thank you Tiombe!!

Kelly Woods

These are but a small sampling of the many births that Tiombe has supported throughout her career.  Reach out to find out more about what her support could look like for you.

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