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Breastfeeding dates back to the beginning of time. However, our lifestyles, society, and demands have changed. Some people think that breastfeeding comes easy - and for some it does. I am here to support all breastfeeding and bottle-feeding mothers before and after delivery. It can be as simple as a supportive conversation that answers your questions or just calms your worries. I will assist you in meeting your breastfeeding goals, whether it is breastfeeding for 1 week, 2+ years, or a breast/bottle combination. As a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC), I am here to support, educate and connect you and your family to resources that support your individualized goals.

I am available to come and access a feeding and give the best recommendations for you. A follow up assessment is included.

You are NOT alone, when you have questions about:

  • Latch difficulties

  • Sore nipples/Painful nursing

  • Lumps (possible infection)

  • Engorged breast

  • Adequate feedings (Is baby getting enough milk?)

  • Assist women who want to return to work or school meet their breastfeeding goals.

  • Low milk production

  • Bottle feeding a breastfed baby

  • Breastfeeding equipment/pumps

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