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  • Two Prenatal visits (available to accompany at doctor's appointment)

  • Comfort techniques, review birth preferences

  • Discuss labor positions, concerns, comfort techniques, review birth preferences, what to pack, baby needs, yoga, nutrition, birthing ball, hypnotherapy, Lamaze/childbirth classes

  • We’ll cover postpartum preferences, recovery & transition, infant care & feeding

  • Unlimited access via phone, text and/or email

  • On call from 37 weeks gestation

  • Continuous support in the home from the onset of labor

  • Birth attendance and continuous labor support at the hospital/birthing center/home

  • Postpartum support immediately after birth

  • Encourage skin to skin and assist with Breastfeeding

  • Will stay for an hour or two postpartum offering breastfeeding support **Home Birth Support

  • Doula the Dads/Partner/Family

  • Two follow up Postpartum visits

  • Periodic check-ins with you

  • Emotional & Physical Support/Resources

  • Birth photos: with your camera /phone to capture these sacred moments if you choose to

  • Access to my lending library (Books and DVDs)

  • Cleaning and tidying after your special moment **Home Birth Support

  • Continued support in the event that your family should transfer to a hospital during labor **Home Birth Support

  • Will remain after the birth until family is settled in postpartum room **Birth Center Support

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