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The Birth doula and why you need one?

A birth doula is a professional trained in childbirth who provides emotional, physical, and educational support to a mother who is experiencing labor or has recently given birth. The doula usually begins her relationship with the mother a few weeks to months in advance of the birth. The doula works with the mother and her partner to formulate a birth plan. They provide prenatal, birth and immediate/short term postpartum support to the mother and family.

So, why do you need me? As your birth doula I understand the importance of having a beautiful birth experience. Whether you're a first time mom who might need a little extra TLC to help you get over the anxiety or nervousness of your first birth or an experienced mom with little ones at home - I’ll be right by your side throughout your birth experience to comfort you and make sure you have everything you need. I will assist you in preparing and carrying out your birth wishes, which as you know - birth plans may sometimes need to be adjusted. I’ll also work with you to ensure your prenatal nutrition requirements and dietary concerns are met. I will support your physical and emotional needs before, during and after labor. I will provide relaxation techniques that will help you and your partner feel less stressed during the birthing process. Prior to the birth, I will work closely with your partner to help them feel confident in taking care of you during labor and after birth when your little one comes home. I will be there to help explain any questions or concerns that are unclear and in doing so will assist you in making an informed decision. Above all, I will support your decisions with an unbiased approach. I am respectful and inclusive of all family members that are participating in your birth. I am also comfortable with Western and Eastern practices of child birth.

Reference articles to introduce you to the birth doula profession:

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